Expertise and Professionalism

With over 50 years’ of professional experience in the property management field Builwork Asia has all the skills required to provide you with only the best solutions for your property.
We approach each building maintenance project with our full sincerity and offer complete, reliable and professional services that our customers can rely on. All our customers are shown our complete integrity with every service that we provide. All of Builwork’s customers are highly valued and your satisfaction and trust in our service is very important to us.


Planning and Execution & Designing Building Plans

Every premise is unique and every customer’s needs are different, which is why we carefully evaluate each property so that we can provide you with the most efficient , tailor made solutions for your property.
We believe that for every problem there is a solution, the Builwork team is ready to work closely with you and offer their full support and expertise in order to realize and reach the full potential of your property.


Energy Efficient

All our services for our clients conform to the guidelines outlined in the Japanese Rational Use of Energy Act.
Our conclusive energy preservation techniques mean that not only do you conserve money, but also produce far lower CO2 Emissions, dramatically reducing the properties impact on the environment.
The comprehensive tactics that we apply to our client’s properties makes us one of the most energy efficient property management companies in Cambodia.
Depending on your requirements, we can provide you with the systems that will offer long term financial benefits.


Comprehensive Service

Builwork Asia has an extensive network of highly trained and specialized employees that are ready to offer you only the highest level of quality. The services we can provide are practically unlimited, from cleaning and maintenance to renovations and systems installation. Each service is tailored specifically to you and your property, based on your needs and your requirements. Talk us through what you want from your property and we will make it happen



Builwork Asia is very affordable, we actually save most of our customers an average of 10% while managing their property, on top of that saving they are also freed from the burdens and headaches that arise from being a landlord. Not only have we been able to offer a very inexpensive and money saving service, we have been able to do so without compromising quality, all our customers here in South East Asia receive the high standards of service that are required in Japan.


The Customer is always right

We strongly believe that the customer is always right and deserves the highest level of respect. All of the properties that we manage and maintain are given the same care and precision that we would show to our own personal premises. You will find when working with us that our vision of 100% customer satisfaction reaches out to all our customers every day of the year!